About Us

FamiJam is a place to share or document things about your family you deem important. As we all have things that are unique to our culture what better to remember those for months, years, or even generations!

My name is Paolo Trulli and I am the founder of FamiJam. The idea really came to mind when I realized the importance of family. Age does a funny thing to us when we become consciously aware of how fast time really is. It affects our mind and body to a certain degree.

Me personally, in my teenage years, I would brush off family occasions like participating in making homemade wine for instance. I thought to myself 'who has the time for that, my friends are waiting for me'. Fast-forwarding to a few years ago I realized those moments are precious, fun, and loving. I want to spend as much time with family as possible. Realizing age does stop ticking!

At this point I thought to myself, it would be a great idea to have a place to document, share, learn all these special family things I experience, not only for me but for my kids as well. The idea of FamiJam was born at that moment

Today April 8th, 2020 our lives are once again affected in a way we have never experienced. The pandemic Covid19 has gripped so many with its fury and relentless, affecting some with a mere cough, cold and others with their lives. So many people around the world are losing grandparents, siblings, friends and alike. This has really inspired me to make the idea of Famijam a reality rather than just a thought.

This is the story of FamiJam, I hope you will try it out and use it to its full potential!

PS. Famjam was taken, so Famijam it is!